1. Order letter including data for:
   • name, citizenship and address/domicile of applicant,
   • name, citizenship and address/domicile inventor
2. Explanation according which act supplementary protection has to be grant:
   • Community Regulation 1768/92/EEC or
   • Regulation 1610/96/EC of the European Parliament and the Council;
3. Name of the product;
4. Designation of the active ingredients or substances by used chemical or production names
5. Data for basic Bulgarian or European patent effective on the Bulgarian territory;
   • number of basic patent,
   • name od the patent,
   • date of issuing of the patent,
   • date of patent expiration (the day before expiration of the 20th year);
6. Data for permission of product trading:
   • number,
   • date;
7. Data for first permission of product trading when the permission is not first permission for product distribution on the Community market as a pharmaceutical product;
   • county,
   • number,
   • date,
   • clear evidence for identity of the permitted product with the product of the basic patent – number of patent claim, substances and general formula, number of pages of patent description;
   • law according which the permission has been issued]
   • copy of the publication of the trading permission
8. Signed and sealed power of attorney.